Highlight the rows cretaed by the logged-in user


We have a Team Document where I created the Acces Rules similar to the Crowdsource template. A user in the Team is able to see all the records, but he can only create new ones and update or delete is own. Not the ones other created.

Now I was thinking, because the entries get sorted or filtered and with many entries it is sometimes difficult to remember wich entries a user made, and wich ones are not is own, is it posible to highlight (with conditional formatting) the rows created by the logged-in user?

I have a column with a trigger formula adding the users email as creator (but it is hidden from the users). Now I want to use that colum as a reference and if the email is equal to the users email logged-in the row would be highlighted in a pale yellow or green.

Thank you in advance.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a way yet to highlight based on the current user. There are a couple workarounds mentioned in this thread: Can I get current user on formula? - #2 by natalie-grist

One trick (one of those mentioned) is to use Access Rules to create a column which is only visible for rows created by the current user (so it will have the special CENSORED value for the other rows). This doesn’t help with conditional formatting, but it allows filtering (and sorting). So you can use this trick to set up a page that filters only for such rows.

Ok, I was trying really hard but getting nowhere. At least now I know it is not possible.

I already have the user associated with the record with a trigger formula. But in our case, I want everybody to see the records from evereyone. But because the user can only edit/delete those created by himself, I thought it would be a greta idea to highlight those records.

But the mentioned thread gave me a different idea by making a summary table by emails. I think that should work for us.

Thank you