Hour picker for datetime type row

Bonsoir :grinning:,
Is there a reason why there is no hour picker if I click on the hours ?
I am using Edge browser.
I saw that there was some attributes for the input tag to display it.


That’s a pretty good idea. It would be great if the input types date, time, and datetime-local worked everywhere consistently. For now, time is only supported in 80% of the browsers, and it’s not consistent – e.g. Firefox does not offer a dropdown, and required size may vary.

It might be good to start using it anyway, but it would need careful testing across platforms.

In practice, I’ve found that I never enter time into DateTime fields manually. I almost always want to set it to the current time, and the Ctrl + : (or Cmd :) shortcuts are perfect for doing that manually, and trigger formulas for setting current time are even better for setting such fields automatically.

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I wanted to use these inputs to schedule some contents
so I need the date and hours/minutes.
Is there a way yo limit a kind of select tag to be able to choose only each 15 minutes like that

Here’s an example using a Choice column with the 96 possible choices of the form “3:30 PM”, and a formula to combine those with a date to get a proper DateTime:


Is this close at all to what you’d like?