How can i get Multiple references between tables?

I’m busy upgrading the Lightweight CRM template with an extra function. I noticed that this template i build with only 1 contact per organization, but in real life that’s not the case. So i created 1 table for the organizations with their address and 1 with contactpersons. Every contact person is refering to an organization. So far so good. But now i want to extent this to the notes table. But my wish is to see notes per contactperson, but also per organization. What i don’t want is to fill in the organization and contactperson every time i create a note when i have the organization and a contact person active in the page with the widgets. This works ok with just the contact persons. I tried to create an extra column and poll the organisation with a formula, but then i get the organization id number from the organizations table, but not the name.

What i want is to have an overview of all the notes for a company as a whole and also be able to see it by contactperson. Anyone having an idea?

Thanks in advance Ties

It sounds like you took the right approach in pulling the organization with a formula, and just need one more step. Open the creator panel for this formula column (that shows the organization id, like Organizations[15]), and change type to Reference. Check that the “Data from table” setting shows your table of organizations. You can select which column to show, like the organization’s name. For linking, all that’s important is that it is of type Reference.

This will allow you to link a table of notes to a table of organizations.