How can I link a widget table to TWO different widgets? Or... is there a workaround?

I have a KPI/Indicators App.

So I have an Indicators Table, with details about the indicators (like name, decription, owner, direction, periodicity, etc)

There is also an Indicator Data table, where the monthly, yearly, weekly, etc, results of each indicator are recorded.

Indicator Table
1 - Number of Clients, monthly

Indicator Data table
1, 2023/1, 30
1, 2023/2, 32
1, 2023/3, 40
1, 2023/4, 47
1, 2023/5, 48

Thus, the Indicator Data table references the Indicator table.

So far, so good.

But I also use the indicators inside Indicator “Models” for Strategic Planning, etc.

So, for example, I have several MODELS
Strateic Planning
Quality Management

Each model may have several perspectives.
So, for Strategic Planning, I use the BALANCED SCORECARD system.

So Strategic Planning has 4 perspectives
Internal Processes

Each Pespective may have several Objectives
So, Internal Processes perspective has 3 Objectives

  • Reduce Legal Passives
  • Improve Productivity Control
  • Improve Costs Control

Now here is the heart of the problem. Each objective may have STRATEGIES OR INDICATORS linked to it.

And each Strategy may ALSO have indicators linked to it.

On the left:

On the right: indicators. The Indicators widget is being selected by Objectives. As you can see in it’s ref column, it’s correctly showing only the “Melhorar Controle…” objective, selected in the Objectives widget.
However, there are two different strategies being shown on the Indicators table: “Sistema Mobile de Verificação” and “Melhorar Coleta e Registro de Obras”.

and in fact, that Objective has 4 Strategies…

and it’s the first one that is selected, which doesn´t have any Indicator.

Obviously, that is happening because INDICADORES is being Selected by OBJETIVOS widget. So whatever is selected at Estratégias does not matter.

I can do it differently.
I can select INDICADORES by the ESTRATÉGIAS widget.

However, there are Indicadores that do not reference ANY strategy! They reference DIRECTLY objectives.

If I do select Indicadores by the Estratégicas widget, an Objetivo without any Estratégia will show zero Indicadores, even if there ARE indicadores linked to it.

Any suggestion on how I can proceed?