How can I make Grist faster?

Is Grist faster if I self-host?

I have a Google Sheet that’s 1.8 MB with 18,000 rows. Loading from google and updating values to Grist takes about 5-7 minutes. If need to edit my GSheet, that’s 15 minutes. My internet speed is 200mbps+

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining about first world problems, but what can I do to speed this up?

Hello @MK_2109! Just loading a Grist document with 18,000 rows should take seconds, not minutes. Getting it ready for editing may take a few seconds extra (if there are many formulas), but that’s about it.

When you say “loading from google” and “editing my GSheet”, do you mean importing from Google Sheets to Grist, or some kind of integration between Google and Grist?

If you just mean the time to load and start editing your Grist document, such long times are definitely not normal. Would you be able to share your document with, so that we can investigate what’s wrong?

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Both new imports and updating from Google sheets takes that long. I’ll share my docs right now

I’m sure Dmitry will more than answer your question, but from the perspective of another user with 20,000+ rows that were originally imported from Google Sheets – is there any reason you need to keep updating/importing from Google Sheets each time you use Grist? I just migrated everything to Grist and now only change or enter data from here. No going back and forth means no wait times (or, if my internet is being a pain, maybe waiting a few seconds) and I don’t need to worry about data ending up in one location but not the other, etc

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Yes, hopefully I can get to where I don’t need any other platforms. Until i figure out the API, I need to update daily sales from Gsheets