How do I add a new column to a summary table?

I have a base table (Trades). I created a summary table to summarize data in the Trades table based on the date. I added a new numeric field to the Trades table and would like to summarize it in the summary table. I get the error below:


RoomResult is the field I added to the Trades table. Is there a way to add RoomResult to the “Trades_summary_TradeDate” table or do I have to re-create the summary table?

It seems like it would be a pain if I have to recreate the summary table any time I add a field to the base table.

Help :wink:

Hi @Mike_Moeller,

To use this new column, you need a formula like SUM($group.RoomResult). Here you can read more about how summary tables work and about the special $group variable.