How do i relate a "Setup" table for the purpose of initializing values?

I want to have a Setup table that contains the tax rates for new records (trigger formula) How would i setup that reference to relationship?

for example

i have a table named “Materials”
when i create a new row i want a trigger formula that looks up the single record in my Setup table to put in 10%

now i change that setup record to 11%, the next new row in Materials should be 11. I know the trigger formula will do this but is there an easy way to create that relationship with the Setup table and the Materials table for (existing and new)?

im guessing i have to create a reference to that Setup table, but was hoping there was a “cross join” method of looking up a single row.

Figured it out, i didnt need to create a reference to that Setup table instead i could just look it up like so:

I think as long as i only use the the first row (id=1) to make my updates from then it should work.

Sure. Otherwise, if you’d like to be able to use that table for other settings, you may have two columns: setting and value. Then your formula becomes:
=Setup.lookupOne(setting="Tax Rate").value.

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got it, like a key / value pair.

thats a great idea