How to check if a reference type field is empty?

I see no error in the code. But the field being checked for emptiness or not always returns FALSE in the IF function.

Ok, instead of asking for a specific formula, maybe I should explain what I am trying to do, as there may be other ways.

I am building a list of Processes.

Each Process will have a LEVEL. So you can have Quality Management, being level 1… which will have several subprocesses… Document Control, Records Control, Internal Audits, etc. Those will be level 2.

And level 2 processes can also have subprocesses…

I want to automatically get the LEVEL of the process.
Based on that process having a SUPERIOR PROCESS or not.

So if I have a process without any superior process selected (it’s a reference cell to the the same table), that process will be level 1.

But if I do select a superior process, then that process will be the level of the superior process PLUS 1.

So if I edit Document Control and select Quality Management (Level 1) as a superior process, it should be 1 (level of Quality Management) plus 1… so Document Control would be level 2.

If I have another process and I select Document Control as Superior Process… thus it will get Document Control (2) plus 1… it will be level 3.

It’s what I am trying to do here, with no success.

If superior process level is different than 1, than 1… else sum superior process level with 1.
Yes, I know that it won´t work if the superior process is 2, as that is different than 1 thus 1, when it should sum 2 with 1 for 3.

That’s why this thread started trying to check BLANK references (if there is no superior level process, than 1). But I changed logic just to try to get at least level 2, but not even that is working.

Hi @ControlProcess_Pav.

Instead of checking if the column is equal to an empty string, try just typing in the column like so:

IF ( $Processo_Superior, "True", "False" )


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