How to copy headers to another tables?

Hello, I want to copy tables headers that I create for January to make it also available for February etc. but when I duplicate and change data in table for February it changes my data from previous table.

Or maybe do something like that:

On the left in table I have months and on the right I want to put data for months but that change every month the same.


Hi there,

You can add a reference column for month to your TRANSPORT-GRUNDZIEN table. Then, use the 2023 table to select month and TRANSPORT-GRUNDZIEN will update to only show records for that month.

An example is set up here for you: Community #1884 - Grist

You will see that when you select a month on the left, the table on the right will update to show records associated with that month.

To set this up, add a new column in the TRANSPORT-GRUDZIEN table for ‘Miesiac’. Change this column type to Reference. Under ‘Data from Table’, pick the table that contains your list of months, 2023. Select ‘Miesiac’ as your show column. Once it is set up, the Miesiac column of the TRANSPORT-GRUDZIEN’ table will have a dropdown containing the values in the Miesiac column of the 2023 table.

Next, we need to update our table so only records for the selected month appear. Under the ‘Table’ tab and ‘Data’ subtab of the Creator panel, change the ‘Select By’ to the table containing your list of months, 2023. In my example, I have the months table titled ‘MIESIAC’.

Now, when you select a month in the table on the left, the table on the right will only show records associated with that month.

If you add a new record by typing a value under the ‘Zaladunek’ column, you’ll notice that the value for ‘Miesiac’ autopopulates based on which value is selected in the table on the left.

We can hide the ‘Miesiac’ column from the TRANSPORT-GRUDZIEN table since this will autopopulate for us. When I select ‘LUTY’ in the table on the left then add a new record, EXAMPLE G, in the table on the right, that value will still autopopulate even though we have hidden the Miesiac column.

If I navigate to Raw Data for TRANSPORT-GRUDZIEN, you’ll see that LUTY was auto-populated for the new record.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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WOW, thank You very much. I’m very greatful You went to so much effort to help me. Thank you for helping me so much. Now I know how it works.
Grist is a really great tool and has great support.
Can i ask here one more thing?
I have reference collumn where I will choose my goods from other table. Next I have collumn with weight of that goods. I also want to choose reference collumn for that. It’s possible to get total weight if I choose two or more goods from that table with my inventory?

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Hi Przemek, one thing you were mentioning about data being changed in original table when you “copy table” and try to edit “new table”
I had simmilar issue, it turned out I wasn’t actually copying table but I created a copy of tabular view referencing the same source table.
I learned the best way to copy actual table is from bottom left corner menu “Raw data”

Thanks, but when I copy in Raw Data I cannot see that in left panel. Do I have to download that as csv and then import?