How to create a "working table". Then when a piece of data is correct, being able to click on a "button" to move that data to main table

As a small goat registry, I will have data coming in from Applications from members. Here is the procedure:

  1. Data will go into a “Holding File” from each application. I don’t want to 'change the person’s application, because it was what the member submits.

  2. I want to then "place a copy of the data from the application into a “Working table”. Once I have the data from the application correct, then I would like to select that data to the “MAIN table”. Perhaps by somehow clicking the record in the “Working Table” to copy the “Main Table”. Maybe with a button to move that data?

  • Sidenote: Currently I use a form platform called Jotform, but there is no way I can see to bring the Jotform Application information into Grist.

  • Side note: Remember that the animal must link to the correct animals in the pedigree. Or perhaps it doesn’t, because the pedigree is what links the animals.

So can someone help me? I am again over my head as to how to do this.