How to create Durations the easiest way possible?

I keep running up against the same issue every time I come back to try Grist - I’d like to create a new tracker for running. Essentially four columns - date distance run duration, and then a formula that calculates my pace (=$duration / $distance).

The duration column seems to be the main error source as I have formatted it as Date/Time, but when I enter my 5k as 0:29:28, I get red errors and the formula refuses to operate. I’d really love to not have to calculate and enter two more columns (run start time and run finish time).

Is there any way to make this use case happen? Is there a python formula that will recognize a duration?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi Noah,

Michael from Grist here. Thanks for writing to us!

I wanted to share something that I believe would be useful for you here: Community 5328 - Grist

You can enter a date, your distance in miles and your run duration (in the format you wanted). Then, it will then display your pace in minutes per mile and then convert that to a watch reading.

So 9.51 minutes would be approximately 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

I’ve included the time you put in for your 5k. Does this match up to what you were expecting?


Thanks Michael! So the majority of the work is the the python formula parsing through the duration which is formatted as text. I appreciate that! I guess I always needed an excuse to get into python.

Thanks again!

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Of course! And I see this is your first post in the community… welcome! :grinning: