How to filter a table from rows selections on two other tables?


I need to filter a table to show records depending on two or more filters, coming from two other tables :

For example, I 'd like to filter in a list of students, to show only those :

-1- depending of their level of studies, when I click in the first table widget “list of levels”
-2- depending on their studies, when I click in the second table widget “List of the studies”

If I link the widgets, only one widget can be linked to the list of students and only one filter can be applied.

Could you explain me how to filter a table with clinking on two other widgets ?

Thank’s a a lot for your help


Would it be possible for you, please, to share a sample on and make it world-writeable? This is easier to understand your case and to propose solutions.

Thank you very mutch.

I try to link to widgets (“Levels” and “Studies”) to filter together the table “students”. (like several slicers in an Excel TCD)

Here is the example :

Here you are. As grist only allows for one selector widget, I created a summary tables of students, grouped by level and study. I defined Level as a selector for this summary table, and this summary table as a selector for students. The drawback is that you can’t add a study directly into this summary table; but it’s not such a problem, as studies can easily be added by clicking + directly in the Studies field of Students table.

I have seen your solution and I understand. Thanks a lot !
I wouldn’t have this idea to process like this. It’s a sort of “inverted process” (filling the first table by looking at the second one)
I will apply it to my projet, thank’s again !