How to remove additional characters on a permanent note?

Hi there!

I’m trying to have a permanent note to be added on a card widget so that whenever a user decides to create a new entry, this note will stay on the card. I saw on one of the templates you should be able to do something like this in the column:

= {“Note Title”: “Here are the instructions for this portion of the card.”}

I was wondering what would be the best way to remove the brackets and the quotations or is there another way to approach this?

Thanks in advance!

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Wait never mind! Figured it out by changing it to CLEAN(“Insert message here.”)

Great! I think just a quoted string (i.e. "Insert message here.") should work too, by the way.

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Hi Diana! It’s awesome to see you on the forum. :slight_smile:

Haha thanks Anais! I really want utilize all the help I can get if other people might have the issue as well. :slight_smile: And hopefully some of the things that I mention hope can help others!

Oh! Thanks for that tip, Dmitry! I feel like I tried that before, and I don’t think it worked. But that’s definitely a good to know. Any chance, would you happen to know what would be the best way to do a clean newline syntax in the message?

For example, if I wanted to do “Hi there!\nThis message should be on a newline.” Should show:
Hi there!
This message should be on a newline.

Hmm, it should be exactly that!

(You can see it at work in this doc: Grist)

I wonder if something unrelated is wrong that’s making it not work for you. One thing I needed to adjust was the quotes: when pasting your formula from the forum, I got curly quotes, but had to replace with regular straight double quotes in the formula (or single quotes would work too).

I think it wasn’t working originally because I used CLEAN(text) instead of just the strings. Is there a certain way to do that for clean text or is just easier to just leave it as strings?

Also! One other question (though maybe I should make this into another forum post).
How would you clean a formatted text?

For example: I have a column called Ident and this returns a formatted string with the variables I wanted. So the formula looks like, “{} Tutoring Subject(s): {}”.format($Full_Name, $Subject) and it returns: Sandil, Diana Subject(s): (u’Chemistry’,).

$Full_Name is combining the first and last name.
$Subject is a choice list because my colleagues have mentioned they could be tutored for multiple subjects under that one instructor.

I thought this might solve it; making a column called Subject Ident and this would be the formula: “{}”.format($Subject).strip(""“u’,()”"") but I see when 2 subjects are selected I still see this as a result: Chemistry’, u’Geometry

@Diana_Sandil one thing you could try is replacing $Subject with ', '.join($Subject). That will convert format the choices as a list with a comma and space between each choice.