How to retrieve data of the Choice List type?

Hi everyone,

I’m exploring how to use Grist to organize my marketing workflows.

Currently, I’m testing how to add records to a table on

Thankfully, I’ve had no issues populating columns with sample data.

However, I’m having trouble retrieving data of the Choice List type.

I’d appreciate some guidance on querying tables with the API.

Thank you.

  1. Example table with Choice List data in the last column

  1. Fetching records from the table on
    Question: I don’t understand why there is an extra “L” in the output for the values in the last column. It wasn’t added to the table and is nowhere to be seen within the table.

  1. Fetching records from the table through the API console
    This output raises the same question as before.

  1. Question: How do you filter records by Choice List type values?
    While it’s straightforward to filter for these values in the app, the API returns no data to such queries.

Hi @John_Wu.

The "L" is part of Grist’s internal representation of cell values. There’s more information here, including a list of other types you may come across.

Filtering Choice List columns via the API doesn’t quite work today (sorry about that). I just added something to our backlog to get it looked at.


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