How to use the phone format function in a trigger that updates the current field?

It makes sense that this function should be used to format the very cell where you type the phone number, but the function reference seems to describe formating a number coming from another cell.

If in the trigger formula I replace the ‘value’ with a reference to the cell itself with the formula, I get a circular error.

Hi @RogerioPenna.

To avoid getting stuck in a circular reference loop, you can use the special value variable in your formula, which contains the value stored within the cell itself.




Using only that, it says I am missing the region.

If I use the trigger formula PHONE_FORMAT(value, “GB”), nothing happens after I insert a phone number.

Hi @RogerioPenna.

What format are you using for the phone numbers you’re entering into the cells?

Using GB as the region, entering either 1234567890 or 1234 567890 produces 01234 567890 for me.


Right now I am ONLY inserting numbers and seeing if anything happens. And nothing happens.

If I insert 1234567890, the cell remains 1234567890

In your trigger formula settings in the right panel, do you have Apply on changes to checked, with Current field checked as one of the fields?


Sorry, actually, when I inserted more numbers, I got that UK format separation

However, I need a format either like this: 55 51 99909 9090, or 55 51 99909.9090, or with the 51 between parenthesis 55 (51) 99909.9090

btw: I am ControlProcessPav. That’s my account at the office. And I am posting from my personal google account (which is a user, for testing purposes, on the ControlProcessPav apps)

duh… obviously just changing the country code to BR did the trick. Let me find a hole in the ground to jump in and disappear.

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