How to write to a diffrent tables cell from trigger formula

Is there a way to add a row in a different table from python within a trigger formula?

I only see read access APIs, no write access to other cells / rows / tables.

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There is no such functionality yet, although there have been some ideas and experiments for adding it. Could you share your use case, so that we can see if these ideas would address them?

Hi dmitry-grist,
of course.
Use case: project management, logging of changes to a “task” table to a “task updates” table.
I made a GIF to show what i talk about. Changes to the issue status should cause a trigger formula to add a row to “task updates” that shows who changed the status

This is just an example, beeing able to write to arbitrary tables from trigger formulas would allow any kind of user defined audit logging capability.

I already have experience with using your current python lib for accessing the REST API, see here.
From my perspective exposing that REST API to the python sandbox runtime and including the existing python api would be sufficient.

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