HTML With Navbar

I was wondering is there a way to have a custom HTML widget where I can navigate between other HTML pages via a navbar? This is pretty easy with regular text editors such as VS code but I was wondering how would this be done on grist with the custom HTML widget?

Thank You!

Tazwar Belal

Could you describe in more detail what you mean?

Do you mean something like this: Embedded Twitter Widget - Grist (where a custom widget shows an iframe with the page of your choice)?

Or do you mean some kind of a navigation bar within the widget?

I was thinking something similar to a browser and you have options(navbar) to switch between pages within that browser. For example, if I have a home page and I can go to another page to represent a graph of some sort I would need a navigation system. Typically we would do this by having separate html file within a directory of a folder and the html points to that file if the user decides to change to that file so I was wondering if that can be done using grist somehow?

Tazwar Belal

This should be doable using Custom Widgets, since those allow arbitrary HTML to be shown as a Grist page widget. But it would require someone familiar with HTML and JS to code it up the particular functionality you are envisioning.