I can barely contain the excitement

Like going down the drop of a roller coaster, I think of Grist and my stomach get’s all bubbly…Seriously, it’s bubbling now. You all are killing it…

Maybe I missed something before but Raw Data View??? When did that come about? In fact I don’t recall Code View either… am I blind? Is Code View Grist’s take on Schema? How do we best use that? Is it just me or is Grist out to become an actual Platform and not just a tool? And the simple beauty of the interface borders on elegant… I find myself distracted at times… staring off into the Grist green. YOU ALL ARE KILLING IT!! Very exciting times. BRAVO!!!


Thank you for this, Chris! Code view has been around for a while, but Raw Data is new. It will be included in the next newsletter. :slightly_smiling_face: As you play with Raw Data, I’d be interested in hearing what more you’d like to see there, or in code view.

Sure thing Anais! I’m jumping in this weekend! So I’ll let you know. I’m doing a non work related personal project creating a family database. Even my low-tech family is interested in Grist after seeing me whip around in there on a zoom… that says something. :grinning:


Thank you @Chris_Scott1, what a joyful comment :smile:

Raw Data has been a long time in coming. It was hard to decide if it’s likely to be very helpful, but as soon as it became available we found ourselves using it regularly, and are as excited as you are. We’ll describe it in the next newsletter, but I’ll just mention here the highlights of what I like about it:

  • There has always been a conceptual separation between views and underlying data. Raw Data makes it explicit: a place where you can always find the underlying data.

  • For complex documents with many tables, there is no longer a need to have a separate page for each table. Your page list can have only the most useful pages, without the clutter of helper tables. Those are still available any time in the Raw Data view.

And Code View is indeed a take on Schema – and in addition it includes all the formulas in a document. So that’s a great place to explore to understand a document’s structure and logic.