I have two sheets need to filter data

I have two sheets Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 so i have data of Sheet 2 inside Sheet 1.
So now i want to remove data of Sheet 2 which is in Sheet 1 mixed so how do i do it?

Do you mean that Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 have data in a similar format, and some of it is duplicated? In that case, start by deciding which fields (or fields) to use to match rows in Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.

You can then add a new formula column to Sheet 1, with a formula like


(with MatchField replaced by the name of the field for matching). It will return “true” when there is a matching row in Sheet 2, and false when there is not. You can then filter on this value to hide all matching rows, or to show only the matching rows so that you can select and delete them.

Here is an example of this in action: https://public.getgrist.com/1mwC3uWYxCct/Tables-with-Overlapping-Data/m/fork.

I should mention that for maintaining data in Grist longer term, it’s best to keep data with the same structure in a single table, and create separate filtered (or linked) views if needed. This is explained more here: How do I duplicate a page without it being tied to the original page? - #2 by dmitry-grist


Awesome, Thank you for your quick response :smiley: