Iframely compatible embedding

Hi, we would like to embed Grist content inside Slite.com.

For that to work, the embed URL should pass the Iframely test: Generate responsive embed codes - Iframely

We don’t pass it currently, so they point to this page for information how the embed link should be setup: A guide to optimizing your site for Iframely - Iframely documentation

Not sure if that makes sense and is at all a priority for others but we feel Grist is great for building simple, easy and fast to use interfaces which can be embed into most systems. Slite is an exception, they seem to have stricter policy on accepting embeds.

Here you can ask them to do the “integration” ? Suggest a provider for Iframely

Best, Tomas

Ah, I see that our templates seem to work, such as https://templates.getgrist.com/6D8E2h2DQNwS/Task-Management/p/6?embed=true so the problem seems to be just the presence of thumbnail/card information. Would a very boring thumbnail/card work for you? It could be straightforward to add that to all regular documents if its absence is blocking integrations.

True, that link is accepted on iframely - but, I fail still embedding the table on Slite. Maybe not doing it right. Did you have a chance to try all the way to Slite?