I'm trying to create a simple time sheet

Hi, I’m trying to create a simple timesheet. The problem i have is i want the date and time in there own columns with drop down option so i done have to type them in manualy.

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Hi David,

Michael from Grist here. Thanks for engaging on the community forum!!

We’ve gone ahead and created a sample timesheet document which you may find valuable. You can select start and end times from dropdowns, select from a calendar view to input a date, and have a column that aggregates both start time and the date into the same row.

Additionally, there are columns for rates and a quick way to see the total amount owed.

How does this look? Let me know if you have any follow up questions!



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Hi David!

I modified the formula in the example a bit to account for am vs pm and to remove any errors when $Date or $Start_Time are not filled in.

Here’s a link to the same example document: Community 5287 - Grist


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