Import audit files

Hi, we can import excel and google sheets very easily. But would it be possible for you to make it possible for me to import audit files

Hi @hera, would you happen to have a link to a page describing the format of the audit files? Is there a particular piece of software associated with the kinds of audit files you work with?

Hi @paul-grist , I see its only Dutch Auditfile Financieel | Data overheid Auditfile verlicht administratieve lasten voor ondernemers. I know that most providers have different files.

Hmm Grist does have a somewhat neglected plugin system for imports that could be polished. More possible today would be a custom widget that would essentially be a small app for loading audit files and then writing a Grist table or tables from them. In either case, you’d need someone with technical knowledge of the particular audit file format, and knowledge of Grist’s APIs.

I expect in a year or two AI assistants will be great for this kind of plumbing task, but we’re not quite there yet.