Import not recognizing header row

When I use the import from file feature, it is not recognizing my header row in my Excel file. I need to import updated data multiple times per week, so this creates a lot of extra work having to manually map each field in my file every time I run a new import.

My header row matches my existing column names and order exactly, so I’m not sure why it isn’t automatically recognizing it.

Any tips to get this to work properly?

It would help if you could share an example Excel file that has this problem.

The obvious advice is for each sheet to have a simple rectangular structure:

  • No merged cells
  • No columns without headers, or vice versa
  • Avoid empty rows/columns before the data

In addition, Grist guesses that a row that looks like data isn’t a header, which happens when either:

  • One of the cells contains a number
  • One of the cells also appears in the column below

Thanks Alex, sent you a message with an example file.