Importing Excel Onto Grist

Hey, I wanted to ask a question regarding the importing system in Grist. I’ve noticed that when trying to import data from an excel sheet onto Grist some of the column data gets placed onto a different row instead of the one that was expected and I was wondering how to mitigate this or will there be an update to come in the near future which will help with that issue?

Thank You!

Hi @Tazwar_Belal.

Are you seeing the inconsistency in the import preview, or in the destination table after you’ve imported?

Some additional information that would help us investigate would be the schema of the destination table (accessible in “Code View”, which is under “Tools” in the left panel), an example of a row from the Excel sheet that isn’t being imported correctly, and the options used in the import dialog (e.g. the columns used to match existing records). If anything is too sensitive to include here, you can also share it with


I’ve noticed that when I import large amount of information onto Grist, certain data from the excel file gets changed, for example the date changes it’s structure and certain data gets replaced with a value proceeding and preceding it. This doesn’t really happen when I paste the data onto a sheet I created but mostly during imports.