Improvements for coding

Considering Grist can use Python formulas which are much more complicated than Excel formulas and can be much longer (I have some Python scripts to generate complex HTML that are certainly over 50 lines), some features would be very helpful. No need for it to be a new Notepad++… but SOME features would be appreciated.

1 - number of the lines, so the messages showing there is an error at line X are more easily found without need for counting lines

2 - copy and paste error messages. So I can copy the message error and look for a solution (like at ChatGPT)

3 - more easily indentation of blocks of text, like selecting several lines and indenting them by the same amoung, so the indentation structure is kept.

This is specially important when copying pasting code, because sometimes several lines lose the corret indentation.

Select code

press tab… all the code was indented. Shift+tab unindent the code.


I think the 3rd point is already implemented.

How do I do that? Selecting several lines and pressing tab moves to the next field.

pressing space replaces all selected lines by a space.

If you edit the cell directly by double-clicking on it, it moves to the next field. But if you edit it in the right pane, it changes indentation.

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