Include also "years" view option in the calendar

We got a calendar use case where data looks like this:


It would be nice if there was also “years” view option in the calendar. It could be similar to “months” view but just displaying the time spans at yearly scale. Even better if even broader, for example months from Jan to Dec horizontally and years running from top to down on rows.

Also, if we set “Start Date” and “End Date” as Date fileds and YYYY only, and we don’t set the optional (Is All Day) switch on, we don’t currently see items on calendar monthly view at all.

And one related detail issue: we cannot format the derived columns of separeate year for start and end into YYYY date format. If we do that, then the formula stops working:

On the other hand, if we keep the formating in “text” type, then the calendar widget won’t accept the input.

To get a date out of a string like "2031-2033", you can try a formula like this:

year = int($Ajointus.split("-")[0])
DATE(year, 1, 1)

i.e. construct January 1 of that year. Then, formatted as YYYY, it would look like just the year.

Keep in mind that with a format like YYYY, the column could still contain any date, say, in 2024, but they all would be displayed as just 2024 (even if they aren’t all the same date).

The formula works great now! :grinning: :+1: (not marking solution as the actual topic is for the “yeaers” display).

For the calendar to work meaningfully in this particular use case, the display scale of one year would be better. Also, there is not enough room (no flexibility) to show all parallel content in the calendar view. But these are things for a feature topic.