Include image in a row

I’m exploring moving a google sheets project into grist.

In google sheets, I’m able to embed an image into the table, for example = image(""&A1&"/case-front"). Generating the url in grist is trivial, however there seems no way to actually embed the image into the table, other than making it an attachment. But I don’t want to attach the file, as the image in the URL is not static and changes from time to time as it is updated on the server.

I have discovered that I can insert a widget to display the image next to the table, however my use case involves scrolling hundreds of rows using both the text and image as reference to find the row I want. Using the widget only lets me see one row at once.

From what I can see, when you attach a file to a row you can see a preview of the image in the table. Is there some simple way I am missing which allows you to do the same with a URL of an image?

Hi @James_Swift.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do the same with URLs. There’s been interest in adding support for rendering Text columns as Markdown, which would enable what you’re looking for. I’ll pass along the feedback to the rest of the team.


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Thank you. That surely would be a great feature to have, even just if it was just images. Given that there is already a somewhat supported way to embed images in rows (via attachments), it seem’s like it wouldn’t be a dramatic alteration to how the tables are rendered to alter it to allow specifying the image url. Whereas I imagine markdown has more potential to introduce out-of-bounds issues.

I see I can create a custom widget in html and javascript, and conceivably render all the rows with images next to them, and allow the widget to link to selecting a card view. That could be a solution for this particular problem. But it’s not ideal.