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Great work on Grist !
Do you have any plans on adding features available in ? Like buttons, forms & integrations with many 3rd parties ?

Thanks !

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Hi Michael, welcome to the forum!

Yes, we do plan on implementing buttons, forms and native integrations. Our roadmap is public on Github: Roadmap for Grist · GitHub

There is a custom widget for action button available from the custom widget menu. Here’s an example Action button to duplicate a record If there’s something specific you’d like to do, we’re happy to help.

Re: forms, you can connect a form to Grist by using any of the integrators we support: Integrator Services - Grist Help Center

By the way, depending on your use case, it may be sufficient to use access rules to simulate a form-like experience in Grist. Here’s a couple examples: Simple Poll and Public Giveaway.

Yesterday’s webinar walked through access rules and the Public Giveaway example in particular: Build with Grist Webinar - Access Rules - Mar 16, 2022 - YouTube

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Where can I find more info about action buttons? It’s helpful to have the example doc, but some written info on the syntax of the set-up, etc, would be great to fill in a few blanks!