Introducing Grist Forms!


Hello everyone, exciting news!

A much-requested feature is now live: Grist Forms! Build forms right inside a Grist document and share with a click. Since the form fields come straight from Grist columns, all your data is piped directly into the correct structure, organized and ready for analysis.

  • Design forms visually within Grist
  • Preview, publish & share with a single click
  • Analyze data in real time

But we’re not done here – we’re continuing to add features to Grist Forms. We want the best data tool to have the easiest way of collecting data. We’re also collecting feedback – either by replying here or on the Grist Discord server. You can also fill out our top secret and :rotating_light: VERY META :rotating_light: Form Feedback Form.

Visit our new Grist Forms page for more info, and dive into our Help Center for complete documentation.


Excellent. Since I was not able to join the discord server, let me post some feedback here.

1 - formulas, etc, don´t work in the forms. So if I have a field where user must give a number, another field where he gives another number, and a field that calculates the multiplication between the two, the result won´t appear. I guess that’s because the form was still not saved, but showing some results would be very important, even if the results stayed VIRTUAL until the form was saved.

2 - It seems colors, both conditional (depending on field context) and field formatting are not available.

3 - It seems you can’t use a form unless you go to it THROUGH a link? I think the good thing about FORMS is that you have to SUBMIT the answer. But that would be good independent of having it as a widget or accessing through a link

4 - putting fields side by side, just like in cards, instead of ONLY one after the other, would be nice.

5 - it would be interesting if titles, descriptions, etc, could be added, aside the standard ones

edit: oops it seems number 4 and 5 already exist if you click the + icon.

Just a little improvement here… the fields would be better arranged if they were top aligned by the field itself. They are right now aligned by the top of the field name. So different lenght field names push the fields below them out of alignment.

when will the forms be available at Grist Docker?

I wonder how they will (or will not) work for external users…

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You could try setting GRIST_EXPERIMENTAL_PLUGINS to "true". This is what the last release notes mention.

Re: the formulas feedback, that’s interesting. Can you explain a use case where showing the results of a formula based on inputs in two other fields is useful? Could help me in thinking about the future.

For #2 and #3, yes that’s in our roadmap! Great things to have. :slight_smile:

Hi Anais.

I have a Risk Management Process.

Departments and process owners much access the risks under their responsability, so we have a Risk Directory / Risk Register

An important activity in the process is to analyze the risk’s PROBABILITY and IMPACT. The multiplication of one for the other gives you the Risk Rating.

(this is the initial risk analysis, depending on the controls existing and your decision on how to manage the risk, you may have to analyze that same risk again in a given time frame, or you will execute an action plan to mitigate the risk and re-analyze the risk to access if it was mitigated, etc.

Anyway, giving forms to the the users will guide them better through the process than the usual cards.

But when users select the different Probabilities and Impacts, it should automatically calculate the Risk Rating.

Inherent Probability : 4 - Probable
Inherent Impact: 3 - Moderate
Inherent Risk Rating: 12 - Elevated

When using forms, the user selects the Probability and Impact but it doesn´t show the Rating.

Maybe it could be an option (per form or per field of the form?) to do virtual calculations or just show after submitting.

Anais, nobody ever answered this suggestion I over 1 year ago. I would love if someone from the Grist team replied, even if the reply was “this is a pathetic suggestion”, or “it’s interesting, we will put on our roadmap to 2030”.

these last released notes are from 27 days ago.

I think the forms only appeared on Online Grist a few days ago, not at the start of the month. I will check it out anyway (but I think the experimental plugins flag is already on)

edit: as I said I would check it out anyway, I did turn the experimental plugins and they are really there. Thanks.

The response confirmation of the form is a bit opaque. I’m left to ask: What do you really do?

Ha, that was meant to be a continuation of “We appreciate your feedback.” to show that the confirmation message can be customized, but it doesn’t really make sense. I’ve updated it to make more sense, thanks for the heads up!

I don’t know anymore if I had seen this We appreciate your feedback message this referred to. At least it didn’t raise any attention. Glad being able to help making things more accessible for all.

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More regressions with the experimental flag, probably not the now released version to the cloud:

The name field was consistently omitted, and multiple choises where stored as some kind of object or string. Never seen anything like it. For comparison the other dimension:

Edit: Feel free to move this post into some kind of troubleshooting category.

+1 for making Forms available for the Self-Managed docker container version.

For the online Forms, is there any way to secure them, or can anyone with the URL submit a form entry?

Forms should be available now in the self-managed version of Grist.

And correct, currently anyone with the URL can submit.

They are already available.

See my post 14 days ago:

I will check it out anyway (but I think the experimental plugins flag is already on)

edit: as I said I would check it out anyway, I did turn the experimental plugins and they are really there. Thanks.

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