Introducing Grist's AI Formula Assistant! 🎉

Hi everyone!

A while ago we did an experiment with AI to see how it could help Grist users with formulas. We’re excited to announce the experiment is now a feature in an integrated AI Formula Assistant!


  • Using plain language, chat with an AI assistant to help create Grist formulas.
  • Grist sends the necessary context, so there is no need to describe your data’s structure.
  • Because the AI Assistant makes use of Grist’s structure, we strongly recommend reading this quick list of best practices.
  • All Grist accounts get 100 credits for free – so you can test out the assistant right now! Pro plans include 100 AI Assistant credits per month. The credits automatically top up to 100 every billing cycle.

Check out the full announcement. Learn how to use the assistant and how data is handled in our help center.

:robot::speech_balloon: Happy chatting!


Interesting. I have used quite a lot ChatGPT4 with Grist to create some formulas.

Many times it struggled with Grist syntax, etc. Many times it wanted to use different libraries, etc, because it was not aware of Grist as a web “no code” app.

Does the formula assistant provides “context” of Grist, Grist formulas (when different from Python) etc?

How long until formula assistant is available to Grist Docker Omnibus?

Yes, the assistant provide context to help avoid the exact issues you describe - mostly in the form of the data’s schema (visible in Code View). More info here.

The assistant should be available to Omnibus users this Thursday, and you can connect by setting the OPENAI_API_KEY env variable (more info here).

Independently of an AI Assistant existing, I insist that allowing users to COPY the error messages to paste them to ChatGPT (I am a plus user, but I don´t have an API key to use with Grist) would be awesome

Like here… I want to paste that error to ChatGPT instead of writing everything (ps, no need to help me with this formula… I used = instead of == on purpose to generate the error… the point was showing how counterproductive is to TYPE the error message to ChatGPT when you could just allow us copying it.


Good feedback, thank you!

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Yes, that’s a great point @Rogerio_Penna.

Separately, you could get an API key at OpenAI Platform if you wanted, it is pretty easy to do. It wouldn’t be covered by your ChatGPT plus subscription I believe, but (1) you’d be charged only for usage, (2) the charges are low, and (3) you can monitor them.

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Where to find this AI Formula Assistant? This is all I get (screenshot attached)

OK, found it in columns, but not in the “Conditional style” area.

Yes, it’s in Formula columns, and not yet supported in trigger formulas or for conditional styles. Glad you found it. Let me know how it goes!

Can we put our OpenAI API key into Grist?

Hi @Claire_Hodson, for self-managed Grist, yes you can use your own OpenAI API key - see the OPENAI_API_KEY variable listed here:

In our hosted service, we don’t support bringing your own key. Was that the option you were looking for?

Ok, what we have now is Grist AI Assistant to formulas, so only EDITORS or OWNERS, people with permissions to change structure can use it.

I wonder if in the future we will be able to also use AI to analyze the data, help fill fields, etc.

But in THAT case, if that ever happens, there should be a way to MODERATE the use, like what users can use it and where, so you won´t have users spending all credits in anything.

Thank you so much Paul. I need to dig into Grist much more than I have been.

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Hi @Rogerio_Penna, we made this fix, thanks for suggesting it.

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Free grist user here, but planning on the pro account. im just about out of my 100 free AI calls. I love the ability to use AI for formula creation. However i end up modifying my question over and over to see what it comes up with so i knew i was going to run out fast. Now i’m realizing that the pro account only has 100 per month as well. i know that while i’m creating and learning i’m going to use it up fast. I really wish this was unlimited or there was a way to get that, i can see in the beginning i would use more that later in the project. This makes your product so appealing to us who dont know python. and a big advantage over other platforms. How can i get more?

Once you upgrade to the Pro account, you can upgrade the number of AI credits per month as well.

  • 500 monthly credits for $10 per month (per team, not per person)
  • 2,000 monthly credits for $29 per month (per team, not per person)

Glad the AI assistant is useful!

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