Is it possible to copy and paste a widget?

i have a dashboard with multiple widgets that are filtered to a single record. id rather not have to recreate each one.

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I have the same question

You can duplicate the page and then move the widget you want somewhere else.

I am not sure you want to duplicate the entire dashboard and filter them by another record or duplicate only a few of those, maybe spread them through more pages.

So here I created a fictitious dashboard page with 4 widgets

I can click on the 3 dots at the side of the page and click to duplicate it

now I can filter the widgets in the second page by another thing.

As you can´t copy widgets to other pages, if you want to mix several widgets from several pages, the best that can be done now is to duplicate the page with more widgets you want to reuse, and the other widgets, recreate from scratch.

thanks. for my app, I needed to duplicate the widget on the same page

yup good idea, but in this case i would need them on the same page. seems like there could be plugin or copy the code for just the widget. but i dont know.

yeah, sorry. Copying to the same page or between pages doesn´t seem to be possible. Unfortunatelly, the document code only shows the code for the tables, not code for the Pages, as I thought maybe it would be possible to copy and paste the code oif a widget to duplicate it.