Is it possible to export an entire document at once?

If I have a large amount of pages saved is it possible to export all my data at once for easy import to another grist instance?

For arguments sake, let’s assume I’m using the grist SaaS or it’s hosted somewhere else and I don’t have access to the folder where the persistent data is stored.

I’m curious if I can easily take all my data from one grist instance and move it to another.

Hi @Bryce, absolutely you can, see backing up an entire document and restoring from a backup. Just use the “Download” option in the Share menu. The documentation is written from the perspective of a single Grist installation, but the procedure works fine between installations also. It is handy for moving documents between our SaaS, self-hosted installs, the Electron app, and developer builds.

Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • There could in principle be problems if you move a Grist document from an updated installation to an old installation; the document might have features the old installation knows nothing about. We do our best to degrade gracefully in this case. The other direction should work well, from older installations to an updated one.
  • Some self-hosted installations could have customizations such as the inclusion of extra python libraries; formulas referring to those libraries will give errors on an installation without those libraries.

I use this feature all the time and it works well, it is one of my personal favorite properties of Grist.

Thanks, that’s awesome!