Is it Possible to have a Calender View?

Hi. I want to say it again, this product is awesome. You guys are killing it.

Is it possible to have a calendar view or kanban view in the future? Like Airtable?

If you guys can incorporate interactive filter like airtable and calendar view the product will be very useful and user-friendly.

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Hi Tareq,

Thank you for the kind words! We do not yet have calendar or kanban view, but it’s something we would like to implement. That’s a +1 for prioritizing those features.

We are currently working on improvements to filters. What do you mean by interactive filters?

By the way, Filter Buttons can be used to create a filter bar that allows for transient filtering, but users without schema edit permissions will not be able to save filter settings for everyone.

You can see it in action here: Filter Buttons Example