Is it possible to limit the choices of one column to those of another column


This all happens within one table. I have a reference list of participants for an event(think of a list of all runners in a 400m track event). I have another reference list column that indicates who made it to the final heat. I want the final heat column to be limited to the choices in the participant’s column (which is adjacent to it). I may be overthinking this but is this possible?

I’d appreciate any help you can provide.
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Hello @Marcell_Leath, welcome to the community!

It’s a great question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to limit what’s shown in the dropdown depending on another cell, though similar requests have come up before (e.g. here).

An alternative approach that might work for your case is to use a “join table” to maintain who participated in which event. I made an example here:

Final-Heat example

Here, each record in the Participation table links to an event and to a participant, and in addition has a field for whether this participant made it to the final heat. With this structure, you can construct reference lists like you describe using lookup formulas, but data entry (entering who participated and who made it) would be done via the linked “Participation” table instead.

Thank you for your help!
That’s all I wanted to know.