Is it possible to set font size?

Is there any way to control the size of the font used to display field data?

If not, are there plans for adding that?


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Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum! Sorry, it is currently not possible to adjust font sizes, but we do plan on implementing a rich text editor in the future.

BTW, if you need to adjust font for display and printing purposes, you could do that with custom widgets. In the help center article, the example formats data into a ready-to-print invoice.

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Hi @kevin! I’d be curious to hear at what level you’d like this feature: at a column level (e.g. to make some columns or fields in a card view larger and more visible, or smaller to fit more data), or at a document level (to make all data larger and easier to see), or at a cell level (e.g. to draw attention to certain values)?


Wow, what great software, and what a great team and support environment! Thanks for your instant responses.

Of course, as a greedy user, all of those options sound enticing. However, my first wish would be at a widget level — a list of rows on the left would be fine displayed in a small font, but the text sections in my card widget on the right would greatly benefit from larger text. Control at the document level would also accomplish the goal.

When I previously tried the browser shortcut for increasing the font size (“Command =” on my Mac) Grist added a row, so I assumed that was not an option. However, today I see that I can execute the browser command for Zoom from the browser View menu and increase the font size of the document as on other browser pages. Consequently, not having the option as a Grist feature is not as frustrating as I had thought.