Issue: Markdown Widget stealing focus

I have a page with a Table widget and a Markdown (custom) widget. The markdown widget is selecting by the table, and the Markdown content is from a column in the table’s data. I initially had the column hidden in the table widget, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s hidden or not.

The issue I’m encountering is that when I move between a record on the table that has text in the Markdown widget column and a record that does not have text in the Markdown widget column, the Markdown widget steals the focus. This is particularly an issue when scrolling between records via keyboard arrows.

Table widget focus is maintained when moving between two records without text in that column, as well as when moving between records with text in that column.

I’m on a Mac, and it occurs both when using Firefox and Chrome.


Hi @Tristan_Gordon.

Thanks for reporting this, it definitely is a bad experience. The focus should stay within the table.
We will try to prepare a fix for this.

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This issue is fixed, focus should not jump between Grist and the markdown widget.

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Just tested and it looks to be working well. Thanks for addressing this!