It's possible to add title to widget?

Hello, I want to make widget for my table that will be something like shipping list (CMR). I can set layout but I see title for my whole page and cannot add title only for that widget.


Hmm I don’t know of a way currently without using custom widgets. I remember someone asking how to set the title for a custom widget and that is straightforward:

We could change Grist to show <Widget Name> - Transport - Grist where currently there is just Transport - Grist, perhaps that would be a better default?

Hello @paul-grist I already succeed to hide the header and footer and add column with title. I also set color but it’s not visible on print. But it will looks better with bigger font. That column: List Przewozowy is my title.

I want to ask You about some table inside my generated shipping list. Can You give me some tip. I have now one item and it looks like this:

But if I have more items it will be better to have table of items like in Yours Invoice custom widget.