January 2024 Newsletter - Grist Forms are here!

Happy new year!

If you haven’t already, remember to check out our 2023 Year in Review. We’re extremely excited for 2024 and are kicking things off in top form. :wink:

What’s New

Grist Forms


Grist Forms are now live! Build simple and effective forms right inside a Grist document and share with a click. Since the form fields come straight from Grist columns, all your data is piped directly into the correct structure, organized and ready for analysis.

  • Design forms visually within Grist
  • Preview, publish & share with a single click
  • Analyze data in real time

But we’re not done here – we’re continuing to add features to Grist Forms. We want the best data tool to have the easiest way of collecting data. We’re also collecting feedback – either by emailing us at support@getgrist.com or by dropping us a line in our official Discord server.

Visit our Grist Forms page for more information, and dive into our Help Center for complete documentation.

For a hands-on look at forms, sign up for this month’s webinar to learn all about them!

API Console

Grist already has extensive reference API documentation, but we’re excited to launch a new API console page to allow developers to test API calls in a handy web UI. Note: This page uses your current session.

Community Highlights

  • Do you destruct/construct URLs often? Andreas Kloeckner (@inducer on GitHub) has shared a small custom widget to allow proper (clickable) viewing of computed URLs.
  • Hot on the heels of gorist, @hooksie1 has shared an alpha version of vrist, a Grist client in V! What’s next, TypeGrist? Grust?
  • Can Grist kanban? Grist fans band together and plan, and Grist can kanban! Users on our Discord server started brainstorming, leading to several prototypes of a Grist kanban solution:

Working on something cool with Grist? Let us know by posting in the Showcase forum!

Learning Grist

Webinar: Forms

February is for celebrating our love :sparkling_heart:…of forms! We’ll learn how to create a beautiful form view to collect data that will populate a Grist data table upon submission.

Thursday February 22 at 3:00pm US Eastern Time.


Markdown Widget Magic :man_mage:

In January, we dove into our Proposals & Contracts example and learned how to use the Markdown widget to create printable PDF files with data from your Grist document.



wow at the Kanban… it seems all the fun is on the Discord server!

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so far, I can’t upload a file as an attachment in the form. Is it building or the app doesn’t have plan to support it?

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Hi! Correct, currently attachments are not supported. On our radar, but no timeline atm unfortunately.