JSON Editor: Custom Field?

I see that you have developed Custom Fields for Markdown, HTML etc. They are excellent. Is there anyway to get a Custom Field for JSON, so that data entered as JSON in a text box can be edit in a JSON editor. I have seen a good github repo: GitHub - json-editor/json-editor: JSON Schema Based Editor - but I wouldn’t have the slightest clue on how to integrate this properly. Anyone do this?

Was looking into this more and this would be so super helpful to build and release. You already did the markdown editor and I assume JSON is somewhat easier. If there was a proper JSON editor for a text box, you could do alot more with Grist. I can envision a huge amount of new applications that can be built, given the ease of communication with webhooks when you have valid JSON.

Hi @ddsgadget, what you want looks very achievable. Someone could start with code like Basic JSON Editor Example and then use the API described at Intro to Plugin API - Grist Help Center to fill in data. Custom widgets can be created and used without needing changes in Grist itself, if you know someone with front-end skills (html/css/js).