July 2021 Newsletter

What’s New


Make your Grist document pop with color! Options in Choice and Choice List columns can now be color coded. In addition to making your documents look great and fun, color choices make it easier to scan and glean information quickly. Read more.

Google Sheets Integration

You can now easily import or export your data to and from Grist and Google Drive. Read more.

google integration

Automatic User and Time Stamps

Want to know when a record was updated and by whom? It is now possible to create columns that stamp a user’s name or the time to a record when it is updated or created. Read more about time stamps and authorship stamps.

We’ve created a video tutorial that walks you through how to create time and user stamp columns.

Quick Tips

  • Reference column best practices. When creating a reference column it is best practice to choose a display column that is a unique identifier for the record. For example, for records of people, it could be full name or email.

    To show other data, such as department or birthday, pull it in using the formula $[Reference Column Id].[Referenced Record’s Field], (for example $Person.Department). You may review how this formula works in our reference column guide.

  • Labeling hyperlinks with text. In hyperlink columns, you can label a link with text by adding the label before the url. [link label] url The brackets are not needed.
    link label gif

  • Using Search to Find a Card. If you have a card widget on a page and quickly want to find the right card, you can use the search bar on the page to quickly bring the relevant card into view.
    search cards

New Template

Grant Application Tracker

This template helps NGOs track grant applications that have been submitted to foundations to win grant funding. The template also includes a funding overview which shows funding in the pipeline and funding awarded, broken down by NGO program.

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