Large table with 120+ data columns - how to edit over multiple pages - i.e. keep row selected

Hi, I know it’s not an optimal starting point, but we have to deal and to maintain a large flat table with 120+ column. Luckily there are thematic sections in the table. Hence, we would like to create multiple pages with a table - and card widget. The latter showing the thematic fields per page/

Is there a way to select a row/record in the table in one page, and subsequently all pages show the specific fields of this row/record in the card widget?

As said it’s one table only, i.e. how can I tell “the” table in all pages which record has been selected in any of the pages.

Alternatively, I would be ok if the users have to select the record in one page, which then sets the row/record for the other pages.

Many thanks in advance for your kind efforts.

PS: there had been a similar question, and I checked the function, which works, but I cannot find a away to reference the table line row/record to this link: Is it possible to select a record in one page and affect what is shown in other page? Or open another page based on what you selected?

Best way (what I think) is to add different widgets for each thematic section, name this widget and hide them: 2023/03 - Grist Help Center

Thanks, will follow your advise. possibly creating custom widgets to add headers from the main section. The advantage with hidden widgets is clear, the slight disadvantage is that the entire data section is covered. Or is there a trick to define the size and position of the hidden widget when you open it?

It’s simple to drag them back when you need it. Afterwards simply hide it again