Larger attachment view

Is there a way to display attachment (picture) bigger when in “view mode”? It is very difficult to read text from pictures. I’m using self-hosted grist so I can right click it and open in new tab, that actually opens my photo viewer program, and lefts tab empty. There is a lot of closing of windows and tabs if I want to go through more pictures.

it would be great if pictures could be as large as the pink rectangle below.


I’d second this.

The attachment column type works just fine for me as as data type, but the with the size slider on the far right, the picture preview is still properly on the small size for both the card width (i.e. so there’s lots of wasted space) and for the purposes of viewing the image.

It would be great if the picture preview could at least span the full width of the card - when you have the size slider all the way to the right.

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If anyone is self-hosting and have the same problem I found a solution. You will need to download files from github (gristlabs/grist-core) and edit AttachmentsEditor.ts (grist-core-main/app/client/widgets/AttachmentsEditor.ts). Change max-width: 800px (max-width: 80% works for me) and then build an image using docker and run it.

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