Learning More about Grist using Wordle


I was itching to put Grist through its paces, and settled on one of the internet’s hottest topics right now: Wordle!

Wrote it up in a blog post here. Note: For a few more hours, this might include spoilers for Wordle 277.

(Sorry it’s so long, I didn’t have time to write anything shorter, as they say!)

Formula feedback etc. is quite welcome!


This is great! Thanks so much for sharing :smiley:

This is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing. :grinning:

If you share the document in fiddle mode, whenever anyone tries to make an edit to the document, it will create an unsaved fork that they can play with and save. Add /m/fork to the end of any document’s URL to make that document open in fiddle mode. In this case, https://docs.getgrist.com/huxpvs7bHNow/Wordle-public-version/m/fork

Support - Fiddle Mode

I’d love to share this on our social media channels, linking to your blog post and the document in fiddle mode. :raised_hands:

Btw, I took a peek at your reading list. Love the fantasy and sci-fi!


Thanks for the tip, and the kind words!

I don’t mind if you share it around, my goal is to help other people learn like I did!


This is fantastic! Not only do I love the use of Grist (and impressed by the fancy Python magic), but AROSE,CLINT just gave me a Worlde-in-3 win! Woo-hoo! It works! :slight_smile:


Mancuso: How did you know he was gonna go to starboard?
Ryan: I didn’t.

The Hunt for Red October


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