LibreOffice support


I was wondering, since Grist is OpenSource and pro OpenData. Wouldn’t it make sense to develop and support or even encourage the use of LibreOffice Documents instead of MS Office? (or both, of course).

It would be nice for linux user such as myself, to be able to import a LibreOffice Calc document, instead of having to save as xlsx, or csv. The same for exporting data.

Thank you for a wonderful and excellent project/software.

I love it.

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It would make sense, I agree. We use openpyxl to parse Excel files. Do you happen to know if it would parse LibreOffice Calc documents as well? (If so, it might just be a matter of adding a suitable extension to a list.)


I don’t know much about parsing files. I’m not a programer, although I know the basics. But I found a video on youtube from 7 months ago, that explains how to parse calc files with this library

Python Introduction to openpyxl Using LibreOffice Calc

Maybe it is possible. That would be great for the Open Source community.

Thank you