Link tables without a natural key

I have a work table that has hours worked. I’d like to include the settings.rate (one row that contains a money value) field as a repeating column. I’d also like to create a formula that is work.hours * settings.rate in the work table.

I tried linking the work table to the settings.rate table, but nothing is displayed in the column.

Is this possible?

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One way I do it is this. I create a Settings table, with a rate column and a single row. In the Hours table, I add a formula column, named settings, with the formula


i.e. literally a lookup with no parameters – it simply returns the first row. I convert it to a Reference column and hide it.

Now in all other formulas in the Hours table, I’ll be able to use $settings.rate.

Any other global values that I add to the Settings table could then be accessed similarly without repeating any other steps.

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That worked. Thanks.

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