Link to Viber Chat upon entering number

Hi all,

I just started exploring Grist and I am amazed at what it offers! Using the “Afterschool Program” template, I am trying to change the Phone Column to automatically convert to a hyperlink, so that when someone types in a number, it becomes a clickable Viber Chat link. Please see below pseudo-code:

[$Phone] viber://chat/?number=%2B357"[$Phone]

The first bracket is the Hyperlink Label, after that it’s the hyperlink to call up Viber, country code and the $Phone variable.

How should I do this? Thank you in advance!

I found the answer, if anyone needs it here’s the code:

from urllib.parse import quote_plus
quote_plus($Phone) + " viber://chat/?number=00357" + quote_plus($Phone)

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