Locale settings for calendar widget

Using the calendar widget is annoying if you want use your locale settings. Here in europe our days have 24 hours, not 12 on the first and 12 on the second half of the day, so we would prefer to use a 24h time format even in calendars - and our weeks start on monday not on the weekend. Setting the locales in Grist does not change anything in the calendar widget. Why?
Another missed feature is a way to scale the calendar. In a event calendar with events with a duration of 10 or 20 minutes it is not possible to read the event title. It would be useful if we coul limit the time of the daily calendar from 9 to 5 for example and, second, to scale into the hours for more detailed views.

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Hi there,

Thanks for this feedback. I’ll share it with our team and see what we can do to improve the calendar widget.