Looking for a unicorn

Hi Folks! I have different projects (and students) that have to use a huge master table, that is a list of plant species in Brazil. With synonyms, it has more than 150K lines. Every specie (line) has a primary key (taxonID).

Therefore, will be great if I don’t have to replicate this table to every document, and better, to every student. In my wonderful and perfect world, I would like to reference columns between different documents as a global “document.table.column”, and better, to have “public” tables, and reference it as @eduardo dalcin.document.table.column in my students account. “Public tables” make sense on US ZIP codes, for example, and many other things.

Does it make sense? Am I looking for a Unicorn?



There is an open issue about such a need: Make reference Data available at Site Level · Issue #416 · gristlabs/grist-core · GitHub. You should look at it, and why not add your considerations.

Thanks! I’ll add this

Hi Eduardo.

Have you tried some automation tools like Zapier or n8n?

I have not, but I suspect it might be possible to use these automation tools to FETCH data from one document and use it in another.

Like this trigger and action… find record in a table… I guess you can be in a document and tell Zapier to search for a record (based on your input) in a whole another document…

ps: ainda muito quente no Rio? Sábado de noite em Gramado (estava lá), estava 11 graus pelas 9 da noite.

Thanks @Rogerio_Penna . I’ll look into it!

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Se der certo, volta aqui e compartilha como foi a experiência, se foi fácil…

(if it works, come back and share the experience, if it was easy…)