Lookup to Pull complete Row of data and possibly conditional?

I’ve got multiple tables of data. I want to pull a column, Speed Index, from one table to another for comparison. The entire column at once.

This is would be the cherry on top if it’s possible, but I’d also like for the new column to turn green if it’s a lower number and red if it’s a higher number.

Ideally I’d like to compare the rows side by side and see increases or decreases easily.

Is this possible?

Hi Chris,

Is there some value that matches between the two tables so you can compare the correct two Speed Index values? Then, you could use a lookupOne formula to pull the Speed Index from one table to the other where the comparable variable matches. Once you have both Speed Index values in the same table, you could add conditional formatting with a condition like $Speed_Index_A > $Speed_Index_B and change the Speed Index B formatting to red to show the decrease or $Speed_Index_A < $Speed_Index_B and change the Speed Index B formatting to green to show increase.

Feel free to share your document with support@getgrist.com and I can help with the lookupOne formula.