Lookuprecords with multiple strings to check against table.lookupRecords(row=A or B or C)

Hi there!
I am trying to get a table that shows any sports matches that match cells already in the table, to basically avoid having matches with more than 2 entries.
To do this I created a conditional that’ll change the colour to orange should a 2nd entry appear.
The problem is my current code only works if the date is set.
I want it to check against if dates matches, or if there is no date set, but not previous dates.

Here is my conditional:

bets = Bets.lookupRecords(Date=$Date)
bets_list = []
for bet in bets:
  if bet.id == $id or bet.Match == "":
  if bet.Match == $Match:
    return True

I was thinking I could do Bets.lookupRecords(Date=($Date or "" or None)) but that did not work. I am wondering what the correct procedure is to do this?

EDIT: I recognize my fault. Having (A or B or C) is the correct way of doing it, but I’m doing it wrong. $Date evaluates to nothing on empty rows, therefore it doesn’t work. I will fix it and post my fix here for anyone else who has run into this.

My solution ended up using another cell to gather the bets, since what I wanted doesn’t seem possible. I wanted to say, today’s date or any date in the future, so closest I came to was:
bets = Bets.lookupRecords(Date=($Date or (TODAY()))